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Envision Healthcare’s Wellness Program Offers Support to Clinicians on the Frontlines of COVID-19


Envision Healthcare announced clinician wellness initiatives that have been put in place during the COVID-19 crisis. 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Envision Healthcare, the leading medical provider group and ambulatory surgery center operator, today announced wellness initiatives that have been put in place during the COVID-19 crisis. Envision clinicians continue to answer the call for patient care during the pandemic, often caring for patients under difficult and stressful circumstances. These initiatives support the health and well-being of more than 40,000 clinicians and team members across the country.

Envision’s wellness program provides resources and a structured approach to help all employees take care of themselves as they navigate the disruption and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wellness initiatives include:

  • Daily wellness coaching and stress management support for support staff navigating the challenges of COVID-19.
  • Several daily video conference calls led by trained experts for clinicians and their families that focus on community support and conclude with a five-minute guided meditation. Each session is tailored for, and focuses on, clinicians on the frontlines.
  • Crisis peer support training deployed throughout the organization for clinicians and advanced practice providers on the frontlines of COVID-19, including those who are in quarantine or have contracted COVID-19.
  • Counseling and follow-up sessions for clinicians who have been deployed to or work in coronavirus hot spots to help them debrief and prepare for reintegration back home.

“Regardless of specialty, clinicians are having their normal practice disrupted by COVID-19. These new stressors are also challenging clinician support systems and mental health. We are fully committed to the well-being of our doctors and advanced practice providers who have answered the nation’s call for care,” said Dr. Stefanie Simmons, Vice President of Patient and Clinician Engagement. “Keeping clinicians safe and healthy is critical to treating coronavirus patients and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. It’s also important to clinicians’ long-term ability to deliver patient care in the communities they serve.”

Envision has taken a leading position in responding to America’s call for COVID-19 care. The medical group’s actions to support clinicians, healthcare partners and patients include:

  • Rapidly mobilizing to meet the need for more physicians and advanced practice providers across the nation. Envision is providing support to Mount Sinai Health System and three other hospitals in New York, as well as others in the Greater New York area. Anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists from the anesthesiology provider team are already on the ground to meet unprecedented demand for care. Clinicians will continue to be deployed to address surging hot spots across the country.
  • Securing more than 4 million items of PPE, including masks, face shields, gowns, and goggles to support Envision’s clinicians and hospital partners. This PPE is being delivered to areas of greatest need.
  • More than 250 Envision surgery centers across the nation are gearing up to provide staff, equipment, and PPE to support local hospitals. These facilities can help care for the surge in patients, provide overflow capacity, and facilitate testing for COVID-19.
  • Treating every patient regardless of their ability to pay. Envision has committed to working with all parties to ensure no COVID-19 patient is burdened with unexpected costs. We will not send patients surprise medical bills and will work to ensure patients are only responsible for in-network cost-sharing.

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