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Celebrating Women in Medicine Month


Join us as we celebrate some of the women at Envision and all who are making a difference in medicine.

We are proud to represent the country's diversity in our teams and the patients we serve. The women at Envision play an essential role in providing high-quality care to patients, supporting our teammates and creating healthier communities. This Women in Medicine Month, we thank them for their many contributions. Join us as we celebrate some of the women at Envision and all who are making a difference in medicine. 

Anita Datta

Anita Datta, MD, MBA, MHA, FACEP 
Dr. Anita Datta is an emergency medicine physician serving as Regional Medical Director at Envision and the Chief of Staff at HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood in Houston, Texas. Throughout her career, she has held several leadership positions and championed initiatives that improved quality in sepsis, stroke and patient wait times. In addition to caring for patients, she leads Envision’s Women in the Workplace Employee Resource Group for the Alliance Operation Unit in the Gulf Coast and mentors clinicians. 

“If you think you can do it, you definitely can do it, work hard and believe in yourself. And when you get to where you've always wanted to be, make sure you give back and support others.” 

Stephanie Finkel

Stephanie Finkel, DO, MBA, FASA 
Dr. Stephanie Finkel serves as the Chair of the Anesthesia Service Line for Envision's National Clinical Advisory Board and the Chief of Anesthesia at HCA Florida JFK North Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. As part of an all-female leadership team at JFK North, Dr. Finkel, who also has an MBA from Baylor University, is a modern trailblazer in both business and medicine. Standing at the forefront of a movement to empower more women physicians, she prides herself on giving top-quality care to patients, helping her colleagues follow cutting-edge best practices and giving her team everything they need to learn the latest enhanced recovery after surgery protocols. She is also highly trained in cardiac anesthesia and has been taking care of cardiac surgical patients for nearly 20 years. 

"Patients deserve the absolute best care from whomever their anesthesiologist may be, but I feel a special sense of pride when a patient tells me that they feel good about having a female anesthesiologist or that I'm the first female anesthesiologist they've ever had. I love being a part of that progress." 

Naomi Robertson

Naomi Robertson, PharmD, MD 
Dr. Naomi Robertson joined Envision Physician Services as a diagnostic radiologist in October 2022 at HCA Northwest Hospital. Dr. Robertson received her PharmD degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and completed her medical degree at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. That was followed by a diagnostic radiology residency with a specialized focus on breast imaging and a neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. 

“’Where the art of medicine is loved, there is also love for humanity,’ said Hippocrates. Ultimately, it is my love and commitment to public service, which keeps me going, particularly when faced with the challenges of day-to-day practice. To be able to make a positive impact on the patients I serve in the community gives me a great sense of purpose and fuels my motivation as a practicing radiologist.” 

Sara Champoux 1

Sara Champoux, PA 
Sara Champoux is the Vice President of Clinician Value at Envision and an emergency medicine physician assistant. Throughout her career, the Phoenix, Arizona-based clinician has been dedicated to improving the delivery of care for patients and equipping clinicians with the tools and resources they need to thrive. Recently, she has been focused on supporting Envision clinicians with continuing medical education, leadership development initiatives and leading the medical group’s National Clinical Advisory Board. 

“Being a woman in emergency medicine is empowering and provides a unique opportunity to make an impact on the patients I serve. I am able to make connections with my patients and often think this is due to the perspective I have as a female clinician. Some female patients feel more comfortable with a female clinician, and I am happy to be able to provide the care they need and deserve in a way that respects their preferences." 

Chenae Burke

Chenae Burke 
Chenae Burke is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Envision. The position requires Chenae and her team to be consistently engaged and equipped to meet the constant needs of the medical group. Ultimately, she is committed to changing the lives of those looking to secure employment, while hopefully giving them a chance to have a more exciting and fulfilling position. Chenae talks about Envision’s values and what it means for her to pursue extraordinary. 

“It means always doing your best, being open to change, being innovative and showing up as your best self no matter what. Sometimes going through change can make you feel uncomfortable, but when you pursue extraordinary it makes you feel that you are really a part of the team.” 

Abbey Vandersall

Abbey Vandersall, MD, MS 
Dr. Abbey Vandersall is Vice President of Quality and Clinical Services for AMSURG. She joined AMSURG from Envision, where she was Chief of Staff to the President of the Medical Group and Chief Medical Officer before serving as Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Head of Envision's Clinician Value Institute. As Vice President of Clinical Strategy, she defined the organization's near- and long-term clinical strategies, while supporting Envision clinicians. 

"My path in medicine has been unique, choosing to dedicate my career to supporting my fellow clinicians and fighting to improve the chronic, pervasive challenges within our healthcare system. While this was an unconventional move questioned by many, I was surrounded by female colleagues who believed in me and propped me up along the way. I am extremely grateful for these women who played such a pivotal role in my life and feel incredibly honored to be able to now pay it forward." 

Dr. Shinde

Trupti Shinde, MD 
Dr. Trupti Shinde is a board-certified gastroenterologist and partner at Citrus Endoscopy and Surgery Center and Suncoast Endoscopy, two AMSURG centers in Western Florida. In 2023, she received a SCOPY Award for clinical outreach and excellence from the American College of Gastroenterology. 

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women,’ is a quote I love by Maya Angelou. I hope that all my sisters in medicine will have the strength to stand up for what is right and fight against evil. Not only will this improve patient care, but it will also open the door for more women to enter this exciting field.” 

Dr. Egan

Elizabeth Egan, MD, PhD 
Dr. Elizabeth Egan is a board-certified gastroenterologist and partner at The Endo Center at Voorhees, an AMSURG center in Southern New Jersey. She has earned Top Doctor honors from multiple publications in New Jersey and nearby Philadelphia, including SJ Magazine (2011), South Jersey Magazine (2014-15) and Philadelphia Magazine (2018-23). 

“I cannot imagine having a more satisfying career. I love connecting with my patients. Being invited into their world and helping them meet their needs is such a privilege. I take joy in listening to them and providing them with guidance, warmth and reassurance. My patients are people I care about. They are family. I will go the extra mile to ensure nothing's been missed and they get the best care possible.” 

Lila Tarmin

Lila Tarmin, MD 
Dr. Lila Tarmin is a board-certified gastroenterologist and partner at the EndoCentre of Baltimore, an AMSURG center in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Tarmin’s research in gastrointestinal oncology and inflammatory bowel disease has appeared in several professional journals. 

“My legacy as a woman in medicine will be that my patients know that I listened and cared. I chose GI because my father had colon cancer at an early age, and I knew that this disease was preventable with tools, such as colonoscopies.”


Kimberlee Coleman-Henderson, MD, FACOG 

Dr. Kimberlee Coleman-Henderson specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and serves as a Regional Medical Director for OB Hospitalist Medicine at Envision in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Throughout her 20-year career, she has been dedicated to serving underserved communities. In her current role, she's able to make a meaningful impact on patients by bridging caps of care and helping high-risk mothers who don’t always have access to care and resources navigate their pregnancies safely.

“When the patients come back for their postpartum visit, we always hear, ‘Oh, I had a great experience. The nurses, your team, everyone, the doctor who delivered me, everyone was great.’ And so, it really warms my heart that, you know, again, even with our clinic, we're seeing patients that no one else will see because they're considered too high risk.”