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Candid Conversations: Getting to Know Dr. Brian Wilhelmi


In this Candid Conversations episode, Envision Healthcare CEO Jim Rechtin speaks with Dr. Brian Wilhelmi, a neuroanesthesiologist.

In a recent Candid Conversations episode, I spoke with Dr. Brian Wilhelmi, a neuroanesthesiologist. He grew up in the small town of Badger, Minnesota, on the Minnesota-Canada border and is now based in Phoenix, Arizona, where he cares for patients at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Dr. Wilhelmi reflects on his work leading clinics outside of the United States to provide surgical care to patients in need.

About Candid Conversations      
The video series features Envision teammates in endearing and curiosity-fueled interviews. We share stories about our lives and work caring for our communities. We also learn about the qualities that make us unique and find common ground on the ones that make us all human. While these videos are snapshots of our interactions, I hope they bring us closer together and inspire you to create similar meaningful moments with your teams.

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